Thursday, February 18, 2010

Amazing Links for Math and Science from Prof Daniel Stein EDSE 603

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External Links

Mathematics Video Links

Mathematics content can be seen with the links below.We will review the content and how these very videos may be used in your students.When you select each mathematics video below, enter the following information User Name: emagin and Password: emagin Introducing the Standard Deviants!Series IntroductionPart One: What is Algebra?Section A: A Little HistorySection B: Function TerminologyPart Two: FunctionsSection A: Domain and Range

External Links

View our Class External Links to articles, and external websites Visit our class website touroweb.webhop.orgVisit additional links from Prof. Steins

Links - Additional
Every Day Math - A Review - NYC Grades K-6
Everyday Math, as used in Chicago, for parents and Teachers
Links to Professional Journals and Organizations
NCTM (National Council of Teachers in Mathematics)
NCTM Illuminations- Illuminating a New Vision for School Mathematics
NCSM (National Council of Supervisors in Mathematics)
Mathematically Sane - Promoting Rational Reform of School Mathematics (making the case for reform mathematics)
Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Mathematics, Science, and Education (ENC)
National Science Foundation
Phi Delta Kappan The Professional Journal for Education
CESAME: Center for the Enhancement of Science and Mathematics Education
Forces for Change in Mathematics Education: The Case of TIMSS
America Counts - Improving Student Achievement in Mathematics from the Department of Education
National Commission on Mathematics and Science Teaching for the 21st Century
Funding Opportunities From the Department of Education
Weaving Gender Equity into Math Reform

Other Resources
Math Messages from Wright Group
The Math Forum at Swarthmore
A Favorite Picks Math Book List
Homework help from Minneapolis, MN
Math resource suggestions from Kankakee, IL
A Collection of Math Reference Sites: e.g., dictionaries, encyclopedias, biographies of mathematicians, interesting problems...
SAMI Mathematics Resources
Factoids are full of math!
Math Fun and Challenge for the Whole Family
Problems (K-5)
Brain Teasers and More Brain Teasers (help and ideas for parents, teachers, and students)
Great Minds in Math (in brief)
Sunrise and Sunset data for selected cities around the world