Saturday, April 10, 2010

4th Grade Math Standards Ixl math

IXL Math
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Pre-K skills

Count to 5: Represent numbers (up to 5)
Size: Light and heavy
Count to 20: Count objects (up to 20)
Comparing: Compare in a mixed group
Size: Compare height, weight, and capacity
...and 36 more skills!
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Kindergarten skills

Time: Read clocks and write times
Sorting, ordering, and classifying: Different
Patterns: Growing patterns
Numbers and counting up to 20: Count to 20
Geometry: Geometry of everyday objects
...and 98 more skills!
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First-grade skills

Subtraction: Subtraction sentences - numbers up to 10
Geometry: Identify 2-dimensional shapes
Subtraction: Subtract tens I
Time: Compare clocks
Addition - skill builders: Adding 5
...and 135 more skills!
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Second-grade skills

Subtraction - two digits: Complete the subtraction sentence
Addition - three digits: Balance equations
Addition - one digit: Review - add one-digit numbers - sums to 10
Subtraction - one digit: Subtract zero/all
Comparing and ordering: Put numbers up to 1,000 in order
...and 190 more skills!
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Third-grade skills

Properties: Properties of multiplication
Probability and statistics: Mean, median, mode, and range
Addition: Add two numbers with four or more digits - word problems
Mixed operations: Missing operators
Place value: Place value models
...and 169 more skills!
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Fourth-grade skills

Geometry: Count and compare sides, edges, faces, and vertices
Geometry: Rotational symmetry
Multiplication: Multiply a 2-digit number by a 2-digit number: word problems
Data, charts, and graphs: Line graphs
Subtraction: Subtract numbers up to millions
...and 187 more skills!
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Fifth-grade skills

Multiplication: Multiplication patterns over increasing place values
Geometry: Find the unknown angle in triangles and quadrilaterals
Multiplication: Multiply by 2-digit numbers: complete the missing steps
Fractions and mixed numbers: Reciprocals
Patterns: Geometric growth patterns
...and 242 more skills!
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Sixth-grade skills

Number theory: Least common multiple
Multiply fractions: Multiply fractions - with models
Fractions and mixed numbers: Least common denominator
Coordinate graphing: Find points on a function graph
Algebra: Evaluate variable expressions involving decimals, fractions, and mixed numbers
...and 236 more skills!
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Pre-K skills
Kindergarten skills
First-grade skills
Second-grade skills
Third-grade skills
Fourth-grade skills
Fifth-grade skills

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